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8) What it really looks like

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10) The Solar Panels

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12) Human Power!

13) Incentive

14) The Inverter/Chargers

15) Staber Washer

16) Energy Guide

17) Spin-X Dryer

18) Sundanzer Refrigerator

19) Demand Water Heater

20) The Idea!

21) Water Tank relocation

22) The Big Questions

23) Low usage = Porking

24) Another Example

25) In Summary


The Inverter/Chargers

    The green arrows illustrate the flow of electricity into the inverters.

    The inverters can do a couple of tasks.

    • Using battery voltage they can supply 120 volts (or 220) to the house.

    • Conversely, when the generator supplies AC current to the inverters, they become dual 100 amp battery chargers and the DC current from them is sent to the batteries!

    • These inverters are total overkill for the house.

    • My only complaint is that their modified sinewave does make static over the telephone. A Radioshack line filter reduces this but not 100 percent.

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