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19) Demand Water Heater

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25) In Summary


Idea behind the Homebrew Demand Water Heater

    Here's the magic:
    As seen above we have three major components:
  • Reddy Heater @ 30,000 BTU
  • Portable propane tank
  • Hayden Transmission Oil Cooler - This is a flat tube because they are more efficient!
    Run some water into the Transmission Cooler and turn on the Reddy Heater. Hot air passing through the Transmission Cooler will transfer to the cooler water.
    As the water exits the cooler - it is hotttt!
    Turning the water on faster by opening the faucet will result in lower water temperature since fast traveling water won't have time to absorb all of the heat!
    No cold water side needed to balance out hot water at the shower head!
    Simple and easy to do but I assume no liability for the one moron who burns down their house or worse!

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