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6) The Castle

7) Why this system works!

8) What it really looks like

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11) Diesel Co-Gen

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25) In Summary


The Castle

Off grid house

Not Energy-Star Anything!!!!

    Ok, here's the mansion! Not exactly house beautiful is it!?
    This house is old and crooked in every aspect.
    Minus 40 degree Winter freezing will pop nails and make any house groan.
    Then the spring thaw will heave the ground and moves things even more!
    I swear this house will move around 15 feet either way every spring!
    With all of its faults short of the ultimate Energy Star Home, this built before electricity house can be retrofitted to an off grid set that will work superbly!

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Castle Specs:

Built - 1920's (without a ruler!)

24x28 less porch

30x28 w/porch

Shallow crawl space


12" Attic Fiberglass

6" on driveway wall

2" styrofoam in porch roof


2 Anderson

10 old wavy glass originals!

Original doors


Half Chimney

Sits on dug well