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The 1800 rpm Petter Diesel Generator

    This is my first diesel generator. It worked very well for the one winter I used it. Because it was inside the house, I was easily able to extract the excess heat it produced making my fuel dollar go further! This was an EBay Special and came with no support.
    That page even has some video clips of it running!

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  • Metro -
    by Metex of India
      - 12 horsepower @ 1800 rpm
      - 7500 watts
      - 1200 pound shipping weight
      - fuel consumption depends on load
      - Est life = 50,000 hours/ 5.7 years cont
  • Will run on:
      -Fuel oil
      -Vegetable\soybean oil
  • Co-gen:
    does two jobs:
      - provides additional power
      -provides warmth by capturing excess heat! A barrel or an old water tank can be substituted for the radiator, water pump and belt. (eliminating potential failure points.)