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The Batteries

6 Surrette Industrial Deep Cycle Cells @ 2 volts each
  • 2 volts each
    Wired in series = 12 volts total
  • 1700 amp hours
    • 220 lbs each
      • Est lifespan w/care = 20+ years

    Inside the house there is a battery bank. Keep in mind that the batteries are for back up power when all other sources are hibernating!

    These batteries are about 28 inches tall and are really heavy.

    They have optional hydrocaps which help control water loss and help keep the terminals exceptionally clean! About every 3 months it's time to add some water and that takes all of about 10 minutes.

    Surrette says you can discharge these 60 percent of their capacity (leaving in 40 percent), twice a week and with proper care they'll still last a couple of decades.

    I personally have a hard time drawing these down that much due to excellent appliances and low power consumption. Email me in 20 years and I'll tell ya if they made it! (2024 will be the date!)

    UPDATE: Surrettes made it until early 2016 and they have now been replaced with lithium.

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