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18) Sundanzer Refrigerator

19) Demand Water Heater

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21) Water Tank relocation

22) The Big Questions

23) Low usage = Porking

24) Another Example

25) In Summary



    Above is one of my previous and last power bills!
    As you'll notice from the bar graph my power usage went waaay down.
    And as it did, my cost per kilowatt went waaay up!
    Well thanks a lot utility company!
    With NO Incentive to use less, I decided to cut the umbilical cord.
    Being the true conserver I am, the entrance cable is still connected to the pipe riser on the house and is slung across the driveway to the bucket van which suspends it about 5 feet off the ground. This makes for a very sturdy clothes line and the triplex eliminates the need for clothespins!

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