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The Staber Washer

    What is listed below is right off Staber's website and I cannot take credit for it - however, I will validate their claims! I will say this machine performs superbly on this off grid system and the batteries hardly even feel it!
  • Unlike other washing machine manufacturers, the warranty is not voided when used on a solar power source. This, while using an average of only 15 gallons of water per load make the Staber the most energy efficient washer available and the best choice for consumers living "off-grid."
  • Solar-Related Advantages of the Staber over Traditional Agitator Washers:
    • Operates on alternative power sources without voiding warranty
    • Lower operating energy; only uses 110-150 watt-hours of electricity per wash cycle
    • Less water usage-the Staber washer saves around 25-40 total gallons of water per load (10 gallons of hot)
    • Less detergent used because of less water; save 75% of your detergent costs
    • No transmission means less power used, no big surge when motor starts, and longer life expectancy
    • Washer can pay for itself due to its 75% savings in your detergent costs and maintenance savings
    • Total front access enables consumer to easily maintain and service washer
    • Extracts more water for less drying time to save more energy

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