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15) Staber Washer

16) Energy Guide

17) Spin-X Dryer

18) Sundanzer Refrigerator

19) Demand Water Heater

20) The Idea!

21) Water Tank relocation

22) The Big Questions

23) Low usage = Porking

24) Another Example

25) In Summary


Staber Energy Guide

    Here's the energy guide that comes with the Staber - It's still on my wall!
    This is an excellent example of the type of energy guide ratings I like to see!
    Simply put: If it uses a small amount of energy, then the power supply can also be smaller!
    Update: In 2017 Staber tub axle bearings were growling. New commonly available wash machines have since been rated at less energy consumption than Staber - so it has been replaced with a big box LG!

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