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2) Off-Gridding today

3) Exhibit A: 9 Main Street

4) Where we are!

5) My Site

6) The Castle

7) Why this system works!

8) What it really looks like

9) The Batteries

10) The Solar Panels

11) Diesel Co-Gen

12) Human Power!

13) Incentive

14) The Inverter/Chargers

15) Staber Washer

16) Energy Guide

17) Spin-X Dryer

18) Sundanzer Refrigerator

19) Demand Water Heater

20) The Idea!

21) Water Tank relocation

22) The Big Questions

23) Low usage = Porking

24) Another Example

25) In Summary


The Spin-X Dryer

    Ok, so we've washed our clothes but how can we dry them? Easily with this dryer - or often called an extractor.
    One full load of laundry in the Staber washer will equal two loads into this dryer - and at only 3 minutes a pop, that's no problem at all!
    This thing works!
    At the Solar Home Tour, I have a bucket of water and a shirt for my demo.
      Pulling a shirt from the bucket with water literally streaming off it, I ask if anyone would like to inspect it just to see how wet it really is - everyone declines! Next, I put it in the Spin-X and let'er rip!

      In just 3 minutes the machine starts winding down and when it stops, I pull out the shirt and throw it to the onlookers for inspection. They truly do believe after that!

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