How to build a 115+ mpg diesel thumper that moves!
Is this cool or insane?
You decide!

See the project from start to finish
Look inside the Torque Converter and then Modify It
Custom Diagrams take away costly guesswork
Actual Part Numbers Included

Find out what works and what's junk!



Introduction - Find out why this project was done and what to expect.

The Engine - Answers the question why the mighty Changfa diesel was chosen for this project.

Out with the old and in with the new - Fitting the new engine, frame modification, measurements and some other tips.

The Comet Clutch - Justification for using the Comet clutch, how it works, and project part numbers.

Non-Factory Comet Modification - A must for breaking the 115 mile per gallon barrier!

The Driven Unit - Installing and aligning the Driven Part of the Comet Clutch.

Exhaust Secrets - For performance - Muffler or straight pipe?

Changfa Wiring - A simple task you can do.

Miscellaneous - Pyrometer and more!

CD Refund - Do a partial/full conversion - get a partial/full CD refund!



7 Videos of the bike in the real world!

No wind tunnel testing, no crash dummies, just thumpin' and smokin'!

Here's the CD they don't want you to see - ever!

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A couple of questions from folks:

  • How fast will the motorcycle go?

  • The speedometer pic in your ad isn't the motorcycle's. What's the deal?

  • Why is the physical CD no longer offered?

  • Why is there biodiesel info?

  • How long does it take to download?

  • Are those your teeth?

    Crazy Jerry responds:

  • Based on over 7000 torturous miles in 3 months, this motorcycle as seen will cruise 50-60 mph.

  • Speed is dependent on a few things like road conditions, weather, etc. Testing was not limited to paved roads. Bike as shown is just over 400 lbs less Crazy Jerry.

  • The speedometer photo shown is from the chase car for reference during filming. Chase car is an integral part of the video section.

  • The physical CD is no longer offered due to online download popularity - Installation of a pdf reader such as Adobe or FoxIt is all that's necessary to read the pdfs.

  • The bike will run quite nicely on Biodiesel and info regarding this type of fuel is included for those advantageous souls who wish to help the environment.

  • Download times vary.

  • Generally speaking, most folks with Windows based machines experience the entire 70+ meg download in approx 2 minutes by Cable Modem, and about 9-10 with DSL (Real world data is what I'm interested in so I have specifically asked folks for these times).

  • Other Computer requirements are a web browser and wmv or mpeg player for diesel bike video clips during testing.

  • These are not my own teeth. Ones shown in photo are much nicer! Pictures show proper attire when Crazy Jerry crashes an event!